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Bestel Tickets

Blockchain technology enables easy verifiable authenticity of tickets. A smart ticket knows of itself who the owner is and automatically registers ownership changes. The cryptocurrency backbone account for value flows during the primary and secondary ticket trade and even in-events value transfers: event specific tokens.

The platform's own token based on Ethereum, the GET, is the token used by the protocol to secure ticket value and guarantee an honest and safe ticket trade.

GET is a utility token, meaning that it serves a specific purpose within our ticketing solution. The properties of the GET token allow for a transparent and stable value equivalence with fiat money, as this is locked in every event cycle.

We understand blockchain technology is not everyone’s cup of tea, so our vision is that end-users don’t need any technical knowledge in order to use the platform. We do the blockchain part so you can experience a seamless ticketing event.

Roadmap & progress We're already making it happen.

  • 2016
    • q1Hackaton in Ukraine
      First proof of concept ‘crypto-tickets’
    • q2Initial funding
    • q3Development Beta
      The initial GUTS product
    • q4First tickets on blockchain
      Event: ASR Blockchain Meetup
  • 2017
  • 2018
    • q1Rapidly expanding team
      Our team is growing rapidly. 10 devs are working full-time on our product and counting
    • q2Publication GET yellowpaper
      Publish GET Protocol Utility Economics yellowpaper. Protocol contracts published on Kovan
    • q3 GET Protocol Phase I
      Phase I of GET Protocol live on mainnet. GET staking, issuance and event cycle finalization
    • q3 First buy-back of GET
      Buy-back of GET from the open market for event cycle
    • q475 events with 50.000 tickets
      GET Protocol will be used to register value flows and ownership of 50.000 tickets for more than 75 events
  • 2019
    • q1GET Protocol Phase II
      GET backed festival tokens and dynamic pricing contract
    • q2GET ready for festivals
      Scale event cycles & testnet alpha
    • q3GET Protocol Phase III
      Native wallet access, shared event wallets for groups & more
    • q4GET Protocol III live
      Phase III of GET Protocol live on mainnet

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