Direct communication with your fans

Direct communication with everyone with who has or had a ticket. Send a text message to everyone at the venue with the push of a button, or easily reach all the fans that sold their tickets.

Control the complete ticket market

Absolute control on the secondary market and the price of tickets. Selling tickets is very simple, while making profits by reselling is not possible anymore.

All possible tickets

Early birds, passe-partouts, special offers, vouchers, consumptions, guestlist or all-in-one... Our smart ticket can do it all.

Insights in your attendees

User date of unprecedented quality. Our smart ticket remembers everything it has experienced. This data is easy to access and transparently shown in the dashboard.

Sell all your seats

No empty seats, because placements are managed by our algorithm. This ensures that everyone get the best available spots in a fair way. No seats stay unseated.

A fair chance for everyone

At popular events the waiting line is automatically activated. Visitors are added to the waiting line with their mobile phone. Queue-jumps or using multiple devices simultaneously is impossible. This way everyone has a fair chance for a ticket.

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