Looking for Audio Obscura ADE tickets? You'll find them here: Thursday 17/10, Friday 18/10 & Saturday 19/10.

We are fed up with the excessive profits made on event tickets at the secondary market. We are of the opinion that money is only to be made by those who deserve it, by the people and organisations who put so much effort in serving and entertaining the public. Furthermore, we want fair ticket prices for all fans. The introduction of the GUTS system will mean a first important step towards eliminating the rotten parts of the secondary ticketing market.

We provide a transparent platform that holds no surprises for clients and customers when it comes to pricing. What you see is what you get. GUTS is a user-friendly platform that keeps the process of purchasing a ticket as simple and clean as possible for all parties involved. We strongly believe in blockchain technology and the opportunities it has to offer to the ticketing industry.

GUTS is a ticketing platform that facilitates fair use and a good user-experience. We issue smart tickets that are protected from anyone with bad intentions. We also provide an exchange platform that allows customers to easily resell their tickets within fixed boundaries. A GUTS ticket will never leave the system, thereby guaranteeing access to each and every customer at a fair price.

The team: developers, designers, sales, support, a lawyer and a dog.

Our strategic partners

  • Hekwerk is partner of GUTS Tickets
  • Modestus is partner of GUTS Tickets

Winner of several awards

  • Buma Music Meets Tech Award 2017
  • Dutch Fintech Award 2017
  • Nominee Computable Award 2017
  • Nominee Ticketing Business Forum 2018