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Digital smart tickets

Digital smart tickets

You have total control and insight during your event cycle, thanks to the real-time data that shows ticket ownership & activity.

An end to ticket fraud

An end to ticket fraud

Our tickets are registered on the blockchain and connected to visitor’s smartphones, making fraud impossible.

Create, validate, control

Create, validate, control

GUTS not only enables the creation and validation of any type of tickets, it also facilitates (re)selling in a controlled way.

Serve all markets

Serve all markets

Create tickets for several channels on the primary market, and let fans resell them on a controlled secondary market.

We let tens of thousands of music fans enjoy (paid) live-streamed concerts from the comfort of their own homes.

We provide a variety of museums the tools needed to open their doors to visitors in a controlled and completely Covid-proof way.

Jochem Myjer

We sold-out Jochem’s comedy tour, totalling over 100.000 tickets! Our app measured interest from fans and provided the data used to sell additional shows.

Guus Meeuwis - Groots

We’re filling complete stadiums for Guus Meeuwis, with a mobile friendly floorplan to pick one of the 61 sections.

Festivals & Clubnights

We make sure that party people from 25 different countries get in at these large-scale dance events.

Get In The Ring

We support Get in the Ring at international events on 5 continents, with custom invites, real-time attendance insights and relevant data to follow-up with. International currencies, no problem.

Powerful innovative features

For fans, artists, venues & organizers

Revenue & costs

Revenue & costs

Unlimited ticket types and upsells, all in one place. Save valuable time and prevent costly mistakes, while enjoying real-time revenue payouts and insights into your finances.

Selling & reselling

Selling & reselling

Only you determine how and when tickets are (re)sold. Keep prices the same all around, set up discounts for certain groups or even switch on dynamic pricing. Your call.

Marketing efforts

Marketing efforts

Collect relevant data from current & previous ticket holders and friend groups. Cater to specific target groups, identify your superusers and make every move a calculated one.

Communication & safety

You have a direct line with every ticket holder, whether they are at the event or not. Crowd control becomes a breeze, as you can instantly inform and assist the right people at the right time.

Your fanbase & community

Build up and connect your engaged fanbase with groups, special offers and direct communication. The blockchain backbone provides full transparency for everyone.


With extreme ease of use and features such as ticket sharing and direct communication, the fun for fans starts the moment a ticket is purchased and goes on until long after the event takes place.

Meet our smart-ticket

Powered by GET Protocol on blockchain

Smart Ticket QR Code

Linked to a unique mobile phone number

Self updating, rotating QR code makes fraud impossible

Always sellable: anonymous and quick

Locked price: the ticket can never be sold for more than its original set price

Multiple privileges packed into one ticket

GUTS is the first ticketing system to make use of the Guaranteed Entrance Protocol (GET). Simply put: GET Protocol makes our tickets smart, secure and allows for clear distribution and monitoring of all profits for both primary and secondary markets, using the power of blockchain technology.

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