More artists are making a fist. Against high secondary ticket prices.

Jochem Myjer has the GUTS

Jochem Myjer has the GUTS

Guus Meeuwis has the GUTS

Guus Meeuwis has the GUTS

Youp van 't Hek has the GUTS

Youp van 't Hek has the GUTS

Fans are your right to exist. They are loyal and make your work unforgettable. We tend to make it harder and harder for them to attend a show though. We don't need to. Discover the benefits of GUTS for your fans and yourself.

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Simple, transparent and secure

Everyday your fans enjoy concerts, festivals, theatre plays and sports matches. Popular events sell out fast. This is often unnecessary, since ticket touts make fast money by reselling secondary tickets. That's bad for venues, theatres, artists and of course for your fans.

GUTS is here for you. You will be ready for the future thanks to blockchain technology. We assure buying tickets for a fair price is simple, transparent and secure.

What can GUTS mean for my ticket sales?

Artists & Managers

  • Get a handle on your revenue from both the primary and secondary market
  • A fair chance for all your fans to attend your show
  • Expand your fan base with exact data
  • Direct communication with your fans. Send them a message right before the show starts.

Venues, festivals & theatres

  • No ticket fraud: less complaints and a stronger image
  • You know exactly who is present, anytime (and who isn't)
  • Automatic refund procedure at time of cancelation or resale
  • Identification via mobile means shorter lines

Ticketproviders & services

  • Future-proof thanks to blockchain technology
  • Complete control on your tickets at both the primary and secondary market
  • Based on the open-source GET Protocol
  • Easy to integrate with existing ticketing solutions

Go for GUTS

Meet our smart ticket. Powered by blockchain technology.

Smart Ticket GUTS Tickets Dynamic QR code

Linked to a unique mobile phone number

Self updating, rotating QR code makes fraud impossible

Always sellable: anonymous and quick

Locked price: the ticket can never be sold for more than its original set price

Multiple privileges packed into one ticket

Smart Ticket Smart Ticket

GUTS, get it?

GUTS is the first ticketing system that is using the Guaranteed Entrance Protocol (GET), developed by us. A protocol that is built on blockchain technology.
The GET Protocol not only enables the creation and validation of tickets. It is also possible to (re)sell them in a controlled way, and distribute and monitor the profit.
Tickets that are traded like this in our system, are registered on the blockchain and connected to visitor's smartphones. This makes fraud impossible.

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