this is what we fight for:

Guaranteed Access

When a ticket is bought with GUTS the ticketholder is guaranteed to enter the venue. Every ticket generates a special code for each ticketholder. No matter how many times a ticket is (re)sold.

No Resale Profits

If something came up, ticketholders can sell their tickets via GUTS at any time. You just can’t make a profit by doing so.

Secure through Blockchain

GUTS registers the ownership and the properties of the tickets in blockchain. This decentralized network makes it impossible to change the properties of a ticket, but allows ownership to be transferred honestly and transparent.

Accurate data

GUTS knows who is actually attending the event, regardless of how often a ticket is resold. The result is great userdata from the actual attendees, making future promotion a breeze.

No Expensive Hardware

Promoters and venues can use GUTS without having to invest in expensive scanners or other hardware. All that is needed is a smartphone.

solely designed to create an honest ticketing market

The Guaranteed Entrance Token (GET) protocol, will ensure a transparent and decentralized event- ticketing market for all to use. Join the true transparent ticketing revolution!

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Awards: Buma Music Meets Tech 2017, Fintech Award 2017, Computable Awards 2017 Nominee

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We are! While we are improving our product every day, it already has all the features you need to host your honest ticket sales. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our tranparent ticketing product and it's unique features.

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